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Our family business opened in Carlsbad, California in 1980. We stayed in the same location in the Village of Carlsbad until January 2021, when we then transitioned to an online presence. We are all about serving your jewelry needs. We can customize items or size rings for you. We can also custom order or design anything you like. Please feel free to contact us so that we can help you get exactly what you want. Jewelry is for a lifetime and it is made to last and be passed down from generation to generation. We would love to help you with your important jewelry decisions. 
We still take appointments to meet with our regular customers in the Carlsbad Viillage that we have served over the years. Please contact us and we can set an appointment. We usually respond to email or phone messages in 48 hours.


The Story

Nadia grew up playing in the back of her parent's jewelry store on the Bahnofstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland. After she finished Secondary School, she did her training and jewelry apprenticeship in Switzerland and started working in the family business. She spoke German, French and Italian, but needed to learn English to sell jewelry and watches to American tourists. She came to the United States for a study trip, but her life took a turn when she met her future husband in America. She went back home to work for a year and planned her wedding. The next year she married her husband and moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after they moved to Carlsbad to be closer to family. They had four children they raised in Carlsbad, however, Nadia missed her passion of working in jewelry. As her children became school age, her husband helped her start a small shop, Bergmann's Fine Jewelry, in the Carlsbad Village. Her shop opened in The Old World Center in 1980 in a place with an appropriately European vibe. At the same time her parents closed up their shop in Zurich and retired to Oceanside. Her father became her first goldsmith, followed later by her son. Almost 41 years later, she is scaling down and transitioning online. She still has a small workshop in the same location and can meet with customers on Tuesday 12-5, Friday, 12-6 or Saturday 12-4. Or she can meet customers by appointment. We think she has earned a little flexibility in her work day. Please enjoy the collection of jewelry from her shop. Each item was hand picked by Nadia and some are even considered vintage for how long she has had them. One thing for sure is Nadia loves jewelry and she loves to find happy homes for the jewelry she has picked out and in some cases designed. Nadia will maintain connections with all her vendors, so if you are in need of anything, she can order it for you and as her loyal customers know- her prices are simply the best! Please enjoy her collections and feel free to contact her with any questions.

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